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Thank you for your interest in planning a fundraiser to benefit Huntington Hospital. Your fundraiser can help support many critical hospital needs. The Office of Philanthropy is tasked with stewarding the organization’s 501(c)(3) nonprofit status. To that end, we ask that you help us comply with the federal and state rules and regulations outlined on this page. 

 Basics for Planning a Fundraiser

The information below offers guidance so that fundraisers know what tools and services are and are not available to the public.

What the Office of Philanthropy at Huntington Hospital can do:

  • Assist in designating event proceeds to an established hospital program or fund
  • Provide a receipt to hosting individuals or organizations for the net proceeds of an event, which the hospital requires to be submitted in one check. In this case, one receipt will be provided, not individual receipts for each contribution. 
  • Alternatively, we can issue tax receipts for individual gifts paid by checks made out to Huntington Hospital, provided the donation was not made in return for goods or services. 
  • Offer counsel on how the hospital can assist with community-hosted events by calling the Office of Philanthropy at (626) 397-3241. 
  • Provide web links to existing online giving pages.

What the Office of Philanthropy at Huntington Hospital cannot do:

  • Provide event funding, on-site staff support, or guarantee attendance of hospital staff
  • Process event expenses or credit card transactions.
  • Host, process, or receipt event registrations.
  • Facilitate or solicit auction items or sponsorships.
  • Process or provide gift receipts for any donated auction items or payments, in-kind gifts, sponsorships, or raffle proceeds. 
  • Provide mailing lists of contributors, employees, volunteers, or vendors.
  • Permit use of the hospital’s tax identification number or hospital letterhead and promotional materials.
  • Be responsible for any financial losses or provide insurance coverage, permits, or licenses.
  • Assume responsibility or liability for event planning and execution.


 DIY Online Fundraisers

Create your own DIY fundraiser through Just Giving. You can set up a tribute page to honor or memorialize a loved one. You can also create your own personal fundraising challenge pages.  

While we prefer that fundraisers use Just Giving, GoFundMe Charity is another DIY fundraising option. Please note:

  • The hospital is searchable under Huntington Memorial Hospital or Pasadena Hospital Association
  • It may take up to four months for us to receive the funds

If you do not wish to create your own online fundraising pages within Just Giving or GoFundMe Charity, you can link directly to Huntington Hospital's existing giving pages. 

  • This ensures we receive the funds immediately. 
  • The donors are thanked by the hospital and receive receipts for their tax-deductible giving. Gifts made through our giving pages must not include goods and services, raffles, sponsorships, and auction payments
  • We have a dedicated gift processing team to handle any giving questions or issues.
  • Link to our primary giving page. Copy and paste this address into printed materials, websites, or social media platforms: For COVID-19, use


 Promotional Requirements

Referencing Huntington Hospital

Because your event is not being hosted or sponsored by Huntington Hospital, the hospital may only be identified as the beneficiary of the event. For example, a third-party event may not be called “Huntington Hospital Golf Tournament.” The event should be promoted as the “Golf Tournament to Benefit (or benefitting) Huntington Hospital.” Promotions and solicitations for your event should clearly state the purpose for which the funds are being raised. We recommend this statement: “All net proceeds from this event will benefit [optional: insert hospital initiative] Huntington Hospital.”

Using the Hospital Logo

While we encourage groups fundraising for the hospital to talk about us as a beneficiary and link directly to our online giving systems, non-hospital groups are not permitted to use Huntington Hospital’s logo without prior permission from the Office of Philanthropy. To seek permission, please contact Mark Anello in the Office of Philanthropy at (626) 397-3241


 Permits and Financial Guidelines

Permits and Licenses (Including Raffles)

Community event organizers are responsible for obtaining all necessary permits and licenses and ensuring compliance with all applicable state and federal regulations. If you are considering raffles or charitable gambling as part of your event, we suggest that you read frequently asked questions about raffles and view the California Bureau of Gaming Control website.

Tax-Deductible Gift Receipts

Groups fundraising for the hospital cannot issue tax-deductible gift receipts unless the group itself is an eligible non-profit. The hospital can issue tax-deductible receipts for checks made out directly to Huntington Hospital only. Receipts cannot be issued for quid pro quo contributions where a donor received goods or services in exchange for their gift. Receipts cannot be issued to third-party fundraisers for auction purchases, raffle tickets, and gifts-in-kind. We cannot issue tax-deductible receipts for DIY online fundraisers. Platforms like Just Giving and GoFundMe Charity are partnered with 501(c)(3) organizations that can issue tax-deductible receipts. 

Quid pro quo transactions can be directed to the community event host who can then provide net proceeds to the hospital. 

Submitting Funds Raised (Not Applicable to DIY Online Fundraisers)

All net proceeds from the event should be submitted via one check to the Office of Philanthropy at Huntington Hospital.  You may also submit checks for individual outright gifts if the checks are made out to Huntington Hospital and the individual did not receive goods or services in return for their contribution. Do not submit individual checks or cash for registration, auctions, or raffles.

Net proceeds and outright gift checks should be sent to:

Office of Philanthropy
Huntington Hospital
100 W. California Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91105


Please   email Mark Anello to review your proposed fundraising activity. 


Federal Tax ID#: 95-1644036 
View 501(c)(3) Tax Determination Letter

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